Sign Design by Experienced Professionals

Sign Design by Experienced Professionals 2017-03-11T12:58:35-04:00

Effective sign design…

Takes a good graphic designer with experience in the sign industry. Many graphic artists concentrate on how your logo will look in print and on your website, but completely ignore how your logo will translate to a sign. If you own a storefront business, Star Neon Signs can design a logo that will look great in print, on your website and on your sign. If you’ve hired a graphic designer, we’d be delighted to consult with him or her to ensure your logo will translate well to a sign.

Visibility is a critical factor in the effectiveness of your sign. Determine what the average viewing distance will be. See the Sign Visibility Chart for letter size vs. distance. It should be easy to read and clearly distinguishable from the environment in which it is located.

Readability: Your logo should be designed in a way that quickly communicates your message. Emphasize key words with strong type styles and larger letters. Ideas should be organized intuitively with appropriate spacing. Graphic design elements can be used to promote fast recognition and awareness in communicating your message.

Legibility: Letters should be clearly distinguishable and easily interpreted. Many stylized typefaces are more difficult to read than traditional type styles, particularly at greater viewing distances. Remember, you can always add creativity to your sign with graphic elements, shape, and color.